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We are a cat-friendly practice where your kitty’s comfort & special needs are our primary focus.

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Your cat is in great hands with Bay Hill Cat Hospital. By focusing on cat only care you can rest assured your feline friend will receive a stress-free visit to our animal hospital.

Bay Hill Cat Hospital seeks to provide high quality and progressive veterinary medicine for cats in a compassionate and welcoming environment. Our focus is to nurture and celebrate the human-animal bond.

At Bay Hill Cat Hospital, the following principles guide our progress:

We strive to provide the highest standards of feline medicine in order to maintain quality health and longevity for our patients.

We understand that pets are an essential part of the family and strive to achieve an exceptional client experience through communication, education and consistently exceeding the client’s expectations.

We strive to create a professional working environment that encourages and supports professional pride and development because we understand that employee development leads to a greater client experience.

Cat Facts

  • In tigers and tabbies, the middle of the tongue is covered in backward-pointing spines, used for breaking off and gripping meat.
  • When cats grimace, they are usually “taste-scenting.”
  • They have an extra organ that, with some breathing control, allows the cats to taste-sense the air.
  • Cats can’t taste sweetness.
  • Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.
  • Wikipedia has a recording of a cat meowing because why not?
  • The world’s largest cat measured 48.5 inches long.

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The CareCredit credit card makes it easy for you to access care, without delay. At Bay Hill Cat Hospital we offer a full array of veterinary services for your best friend. From wellness exams and yearly vaccinations; to dental care and surgery, we are here for all your needs.