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It’s National Heartworm Awareness Month!

Is your kitty on heartworm prevention? Do you know why it is important that they are? Previously thought to mostly affect dogs, we now know that cats also suffer from heartworm disease. The biggest difference in a canine and feline heartworm infection? There is no safe treatment available for cats. Prevention is key! Because this prevention is so important to us, we have a product available for you called Revolution! Not only will it protect your kitty from heartworms, it will also protect them from intestinal parasites and fleas! To help you take great care of your kitties, we offer specials on this product, making it very affordable. For more information, click HERE.

If you would like to purchase Revolution for your kitty and take advantage of the Buy 6, get 2 FREE offer, please contact our office at, or call us at 407-370-2287. You may also purchase this product in our online pharmacy and have it shipped straight to your home! To purchase from our online pharmacy, click HERE!

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